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Exotic restaurant furniture rattan charm temptation
May 08, 2017

Exotic restaurant furniture rattan charm temptation


1, small space to use "light decoration"

Small room if there are cabinets, but also reduced the relative living space. It is so, it is better to use the money to buy some of the better furniture decoration. The so-called "light decoration decoration" concept advocated: on a limited budget, home space utility functions should be based on the configuration of furniture is the primary focus of the decoration, as for the modification of the heavens and the earth, the wall belongs to space supporting modification. Small space to reduce the fixed heavy decoration, the space was moved out, talent can live freely.


2, at least the most exquisite furniture to create the best small space

Should carefully choose delicate small space furniture, furniture is large, while incorporating the more (but not necessarily more clever, more easily) but the remaining scope of activities were relatively less, but heavier furniture, the greater the possibility of flexible body, put the smaller, more miscellaneous furniture, are less likely to the performance of its unique beauty.


3, the layout of small space, should be based on people, supplemented by

Small space layout, should be people-oriented, and to receive furniture as a supplement, because the space is little, there is no extra room for those who always wear clothes and not to use the cup, because we need to complete the function of the operation will have furniture, storage, storage and not need to do the cabinet; the idea that although easy to understand, but for most people ignored, often see people first to receive have the order reversed, then the furniture, and forget where to soft warm sun, into the room during the cycle depends on, only to see around the sofa TV full, in fact if the design can return to the people-oriented, so crowded, actually can be avoided.



4, super low ceiling to create the highest sense of space

To expand the space, it is necessary to use their brains from the ceiling. Just do a ceiling to reduce the ceiling height of 30 cm, if there is no messy line need not do wooden ceiling, this can reduce the number of expensive artificial wood, can also create a space height; if not necessarily the ceiling, can do only do partial ceiling can not only finishing line in the meantime can cause visual design or taste.


5, small space to avoid complex totem, the focus of hanging lamps to create visual focus

Small space should avoid complicated totem or excessive tread decoration, but too light "natural flavor" is there, but it would be monotonous, lamps because of the nature of light itself is the visual focal point, multiple light sources around the house, the concept has long been transformed into a modern center as the main light. The focus pendant is a quick way to create a visual focus.


6, to paint color wall, creating a sense of three-dimensional vision

The paint is the most effective change Home Furnishing atmosphere material, most people think that small space is cramped, white washed walls must have the space to expand the effect, in fact, color the wall color, if selected properly, but can make sense of depth, widen the space of visual effects. With a rectangular space, for example, on the far wall, if painted darker colors, can reduce the length of space, more space finishing founder, while a small room decorated cloth do not use too much, too much color wallpaper, tablecloth, tired decorated and money.

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