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Fine tables and chairs have a good mood
Jan 05, 2018

Fine tables and chairs have a good mood

Fine tables and chairs have a good mood

Today's home restaurant is no longer monotonous, eating is not only to fill the stomach, but also need to have a kind of mood inside, European style dining chairs romantic and elegant with many people the pursuit of quality requirements, so as to deliver a fine life attitude and elegant art culture.

Brand: Xiang Xiang

Product highlights: a high backed chair, rooted in the new classical furniture design, joined the artistic elements, the Baroque Rococo symmetry, mellow, Rome lines etc. these classic design elements were integrated to constitute its design; chair legs cross, arc and other decorative elements added to make the chair more sharp, black and metallic color collocation, it highlights a fashion and noble.

Market reference price: 40950 yuan (Table Chair + x 6)

Brand: asna

Product highlights: this table chair is exquisite, real carving line, like the masterpiece of the art master, it gives out attractive beauty, and every subtlety touches people's heart deeply. The whole beautiful arc and beautiful engraving and natural hand inlay have made it new, and become a art of aesthetic love.

Market reference price: 52866 yuan (Table Chair + x 6)

Brand: rich Landis

Product highlights: imported natural tropical rainforest marble color bright, clear lines of natural, highlight the distinguished high grade; the whole chair rivet manual embedding, avoid the industrialization of rigid, more close to life, chair back laurel pattern for computer embroidery.

Market reference price: 102803 yuan (Table Chair + x 6)

Brand: Rafael

Product highlights: Italy Renaissance ancient palace furniture design samples, considering some characteristics of Baroque, Rococo and Vitoria period furniture, carved designs, parquet veneer, emphasizing the ancient painting technology, desktop and desk legs, chair, bed, carved everywhere, axe cut texture with a review of the old European lines the history of sculpture.

Market reference price: 158550 yuan (Table Chair + x 8)

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