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How to choose the living room furniture? Decoration style is the key!
May 08, 2017

How to choose the living room furniture? Decoration style is the key!

After the renovation of the house, how to choose our furniture? For example, the living room, in the face of different home style, our living room home products to do with the decoration style uniform? Let's have a look!

european style                                                                                                              Style: European style living room, are generally relatively spacious, gorgeous and elegant romantic highlights;


Furniture choice: European style living room must be equipped with European style sofa, let the living room has a kind of elegant ultra comfortable feeling, show consistent style.

Chinese style

Style: Chinese style living room, pay attention to the format of symmetrical layout, with a calm color Qing style Louhua decoration, a complete outline of classical style;


Furniture choice: the choice of Chinese elements of the sofa, the color should be relatively deep, in order to better reflect the deep and elegant Chinese style.


Style features: modern minimalist style of the room, the decoration line simple and lively; more suitable living room area of about 100-119 square meters, aged between 25-40 years old and middle-aged white-collar;


Furniture choice: in furniture configuration, the best selection of simple fashion style, avoid elaborate decoration, can use exaggerated color collocation, make space full of inherent rhythm.

american style

Style characteristics: American classical rural style in color and modeling is more reserved and conservative, with comfortable function oriented, both classical and modern lines;


Furniture choice: easy choice of material with white oak, mahogany, or cherry wood, simple lines, without carving, still retains the original wood texture and texture, create a rustic texture.

Mediterranean style

Style: to give people the feeling of recover the original simplicity also reflects, to a higher quality of life pursuit;


Furniture: furniture color with white as the main body, also the rich colors of the Spanish style, make furniture classical furniture showing some texture, showing more furniture, the sea breeze was blowing natural erosion under the Mediterranean Bihaiqingtian imprinting.

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