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Mahogany furniture and maintenance
Jan 21, 2017

First, in the arrangement of the furniture to the attention away from heat sources, at least 1 meter. Rosewood furniture too close to the heat source, and will soon make furniture wood furniture due to evaporation of moisture within the seam, Tenon contraction and caused deformation of Tenon, Panel cracked. Thus, the best within the furniture back, rub the beeswax again. Second, the room increase humidity as possible. Regular wiping with a damp cloth or use a humidifier, fish, it's good for people and furniture. Three, mahogany furniture to flat, not four legs is not on a plane. Furniture to be perpendicular to the ground, or can easily cause deformation of furniture and doors and other parts, resulting in seam slit and shorten the life of the furniture.

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