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Unified international Home Furnishing: do not let the low quality dining chairs influence appetite
Jan 05, 2018

Unified international Home Furnishing: do not let the low quality dining chairs influence appetite

For chowhound who, the most happy thing is to go home and family sitting around the table to have a sumptuous dinner every day. Environment, dining table dining chair restaurant texture will have a direct impact on the table. A beautiful quality table, a comfortable chair firm will enhance the diner's appetite to a great extent. So consumers in the purchase of tables and chairs, should be considered from its appearance, texture, size, comfort and other aspects.

Texture of material

According to their preferences and taste, decide to choose wood products or metal products. A good dining table, dining chair, if it is wood, have a heavy feeling, smooth surface, natural transition, pay attention to check whether solid paint; tables and chairs, hands to press the swing around, to see whether there is loose can; to check whether the plank of quality and environmental protection; if it is metal, the coating should be observed there are spots, whether burr corner; check the fastening screws are loose or rust; if there is a folding function, but also try is tight astringent.


At the dining table, dining chair before buying the best, according to the Home Furnishing space planning, accurate dimensions and careful measurement of a good restaurant can accommodate desks and chairs, while also taking into account the table can be smoothly through the door and the door of the elevator. If the restaurant area is large, you can choose the table with heavy texture and match the space. If the area is moderate, you can choose a fixed size table. If the restaurant area is limited, while the number of dining people is not sure, you can choose a folding or telescopic table.


The purchase table, dining chair, with a crisp, clean color is better, and pay attention to the overall effect of the unity and Home Furnishing. The style of the table is best matched with the decoration of the dining room. If it is not sure, it is best to choose the same style as the table. In comparison with the shape, the round table is suitable for smaller square restaurants, and the democratic atmosphere of the family is stronger. The rectangular table will appear to be atmospheric, suitable for regular party families. Square table is generally small, it will appear warm and many.

Meanwhile, from the official website of Zhejiang provincial quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, the QB/T 4934-2016 "conjoined table and chair" standard, which was drafted by Zhejiang furniture and hardware Research Institute, has been implemented in July 1, 2016. The newly formulated "siamesed chair" standard from the logo, size, appearance, physicochemical properties, mechanical properties and harmful substances to regulate, to be dining at the same time, also developed the first set of conjoined chair testing equipment, fill the blank of conjoined dining tables and chairs product quality requirements and test methods.

The new standard put forward more reasonable requirements for the product, after the implementation of the standards to effectively regulate the conjoined chair industry, so consumers in the purchase table chair in addition to the above summary of the purchasing skills, but also look for the relevant quality inspection standards, to the shop for the production qualification, qualification certificate of products, to ensure the quality of the selected tables and chairs.

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