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Storage Ottoman

Storage ottoman is different from the chair that it has no back. The storage ottoman combines the advantages of storage boxes and stools to make the busy and small living space, which is able to look fashionable and beautiful. It can make full use of the space, which is suitable for the small apartment.
It is designed with the soft and smooth surface that you will feel comfortable. And it is endurable with prolonged service life that it can be used for a long time. And it is convenient to maintain and clean, which can greatly extend its lifespan. Eco-friendly, it is safe, healthy and non-toxic, which is quite cost effective. High strength and strong frame, it is a good choice no matter you use at home or in the office.
As a professional company which is able to wholesale high quality storage ottoman at cheap price, we are the one of reliable furniture manufacturers and suppliers in China. The storage ottoman is able to be made of leather or fabric with us while the modern white design is very popular. Please contact our factory for more details.