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Ancient Furniture
Jan 21, 2017

Ancient Chinese furniture seats, beds, folding screens, dressing table, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. Mats, ancient furniture (2) one of the oldest, most primitive furniture, the earliest from leaves woven together, and later wove mostly by reeds, bamboo. The ancients often "sit", serves to show the application of mat is very extensive. Bed, first furniture is after mat. At first, very short, almost all ancient reading, writing, eating, sleeping in bed. The Peacock fly Southeast: "mother heard, hammer was furious. "Poem" bed "refers to the NES. And this short-bed combined with furniture, text, screens, etc. There is often a low couch and the bed and, therefore, "bed," said. After the Wei, Jin and southern and Northern dynasties, height of the bed with the bed today almost became exclusively for sleeping furniture. The Tang and Song dynasties, high furniture widely available, bed, table, Chair, stool, high, several long cases, cabinets, racks, towel racks, screens, pot racks, dressing table, a wide range of varieties. Each dynasty furniture, chop the process approach, strive to pattern enrich, beautifully carved, shows strong Chinese traditional style, became an integral part of our traditional culture.