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Buy Office Furniture To Understand The Material
Jun 13, 2017

Today, many people in the procurement of office furniture, few people to pay attention to the details of the office furniture products, most of the raw material questions, pay attention to the price, functionality and related services and so on. About raw materials also know a little, also know about wood metal steel frame and so on. Here to say is the Shanghai office furniture Raw materials also want to know how much, if not understand the raw materials, business to deceive you, the corresponding quotation can not buy the corresponding office furniture, to avoid being deceived.

Here we briefly introduce the raw materials of office furniture, first of all, we say wood office furniture, the first of the raw materials are many species of wood, there are pine, oak, pine and so on. The other one is that this wood is not directly used, to first through the treatment, and then outside the paint and so on. Then, the oak wood is much better than pine, the change of wet temperature has many effects on pine, so it is very simple to present the cracking. Then it is the paint to be environmentally friendly, manufacturing process is better able to make a of good office furniture.

There is also a wooden office furniture is the plate office furniture, this is a kind of solid wood particles condensed, and then affixed to the two sides of veneer. This wood-based panel is divided into several grades of E1E2 grade, E2 is a smell, e1 a little, but to the national environmental norms, no damage to the human body. There are also four sides are sealed edge, so understand the people to see. If you do not understand the words, businessmen cheat you said is solid wood, to know that the solid wood than plate price much more expensive.

Steel furniture below the raw materials, now most of the office furniture used steel is cold-rolled steel, the function of these cold-rolled steel is relatively good, in line with the modern office furniture raw materials. There are some bad office furniture manufacturers, with some bad steel, for example, rusty perhaps tin, this and cold-rolled steel is still very different. This time if you do not understand, it will not be worth.