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Children's Dining Chairs What Kind Of Good
Nov 01, 2017

Now the market is very easy to buy baby dedicated children's Dining Chairs, comes with a plate, a safe belt, more convenient to use the baby and mother feeding. Some baby chairs are one, some can be split into small tables and small chairs. What about the baby chair?

Whether it is one or split, choose baby Dining Chairs, you should pay attention to:

1, the selection of stable, spacious base, the Dining Chairs is not easy to overturn;

2, the edge is not sharp, if it is wooden, to no glitches;

3, the depth of the seat of the appropriate baby to use, the baby sitting on the above can move space;

4, if the tray and other accessories are plastic products, should choose non-toxic plastic, and hot water after washing will not be deformed;

5, equipped with safety equipment. When using the baby Dining Chairs, every time you have to give the baby with safety equipment, including across the baby thigh and legs through the seat belt and strong buckle, the seat belt to be able to adjust the elastic, and each adjustment , Should be enough to do the job. If the baby Dining Chairs with wheels, the wheel should be lockable. Need to remind you that even if the baby is fixed well, you can not rely entirely on these built-in security measures. When he is in the chair, be sure to pay close attention. Do not let the baby sit on a Dining Chairs for more than a meal for a long time, because at first he was hard to support it for so long ...