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Children's Seat Function
Jan 28, 2019

Function Editor

Is it helpful for eating?

1. Children's dining chair will not only help baby develop the habit of sitting in the dining chair to eat, avoid the trouble of chasing after feeding behind the buttocks.

2. The baby sits in the chair that suits him, won't stagger because of sitting unsteadily, the hands can release from oneself to grasp the tableware.

3. Exercise the coordination ability of baby's hands, eyes and brain.

Help with baby's sitting posture

1. The baby's sitting posture has a great influence on the growth of the future and the changes of the spine, at the same time, it will also help the development of the body. Safety and comfort

Is the first consideration of the dining chair

2. Next is ductility. Babies grow up day by day (in winter, they also need to wear thick cotton clothes). The space from chair back to desktop is best adjustable to meet the growth needs of babies.

3. Babies usually learn to turn over in 3 months and sit up in 6 months. The process from turning over to sitting up is also the process of spine growth and development. Babies who can not sit up completely show that the spine is still very weak and needs good protection.

The function design of multi-kinetic children's dining chair is based on the baby's physical development and subjective feeling. It does not design the split function to avoid reducing the safety performance. It focuses on the optimization of the dining chair's own function. Compared with wood baby's dining chair and plastic split baby's dining chair, the comfortable seat has more comfortable and humanized body feeling, and the comfortable seat can take into account the baby's healthy development and good learning habits. Cultivate.

When the combined dining chair is converted into a learning desk and chair, the height of the students'desk and chair is lower than normal, which can meet the needs of reading and playing for the younger children, reduce the discomfort caused by the over-high desk and chair for the younger children, and play a positive role in the cultivation of the learning habits of the younger children.