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Design Style And Skill Of Wuxi Store Decoration
Jan 05, 2018

Design style and skill of Wuxi store decoration

The main points of the decoration design of Wuxi hotel are mainly in the following aspects:

One, the decoration style of the small restaurant hotel

The style of the restaurant is decided by tableware, so early in the decoration, to decide the style of dining table, dining chair. The most likely conflict is color, smallpox and wall ornaments. In general, their style corresponds to this:

1) glass table: corresponding to modern style, simple style.

2) dark wood table: corresponding to Chinese style, simple style.

3) light color wooden table: corresponding to the natural style, the Nordic style.

4) metal carving table: corresponding to the traditional European style (Western European).

5) concise metal table: corresponding to modern style, simple style, metal style.

Two. Collocation of color

Colour restaurants are generally with the living room, this is mainly from the space perspective, because the majority of domestic housing design in the dining room and living room are interlinked. For the structure of restaurant, the use of warm colors is suitable for the use of color, because from the perspective of color psychology, warm color helps to promote appetite, which is why many restaurants use yellow and red series.

Three, the choice of the table

The choice of the table needs to be noted with the size of the space. It is not appropriate to match a small table with a large table or a small table with a large space. Because of the practical problems of buying, it is hard for buyers to compare things to the scene. Therefore, first, measure the size of the table that you like and make a comparison of the whole scale on the spot, so this will be more appropriate, and it can avoid overmuch and too small.

Four, the choice of table cloth

Table cloth is suitable for cloth, and there are many choices in the market at present. In the use of plastic tablecloths, the necessary thick pads should be placed in the placement of hot objects, especially the glass table, which may cause unnecessary heat to be heated.

Five, table and chair.

Table and chair is complete, and can be separated for purchase, but should pay attention to ergonomic problems, such as the seat to the height difference of the desktop to 30cm or so is appropriate, too high or too low will affect the normal position; the chair backrest should feel comfortable etc..

Store decoration style: store decoration design style should show the store's culture and professional atmosphere according to the type of store operation or service, so that customers can receive and recognize the store's operation or service concept from the perspective of vision. Shop decoration design: shop decoration design, should have beautiful charisma, beautify and decorate life, impress customers through store design, so as to set up image and create brand, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting marketing.

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