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Dining Chairs Set Has Been Out! Now Popular One By One Like A Child
Nov 01, 2017

Home decoration when the election Dining Chairs, often met several styles like the situation, but for the sake of unity, can only reluctantly choose a love, but who said the chair must be set to appear? Why not big but try the chair mix?

In fact, different styles of mixed pendulum but unexpectedly look good, unique with the sex and life, as if every one has its own story, each is the protagonist.

So, the dining chairs is to pick one by one, the favorite style all buy home, and not in order to match the bulk and bulk buy back.

The same style different colors

▼ the same style but different colors of a few Dining Chairs with together, is the mix of live chair "conservative therapy" to avoid the style difference is too large and does not seem boring.

The same color different styles

▼ different styles of Dining Chairs, the use of the same or similar colors, improve the overall harmony, insurance and a color.

The same style of different designs

▼ wood color Dining ChairsDining Chairs and peacock chairs with the interpretation of the classic American style, rural pastoral and a little retro Fan children.

▼ is still American style, but the bright colors and the feeling of retro, eye-catching and increased interest.

▼ dark system of industrial wind, a variety of styles concave industrial range of children.

▼ modeling different but smooth lines of geometric sense of the outer edge of the design, creating a simple neat abstract modern wind, low-key is not boring!

Retro + modern

▼ different temperament of the Dining Chairs together to bring the concept of style mix and match, whether it is the retro of the Windsor chair + modern Ames chair, or gorgeous court chair + simple simple back chair, so that the same space at the same time have different The temperament.

The same material different styles

▼ with a Dining Chairs, a little different shape, that is, so that the food area becomes rich.