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Dining Room Furniture Sales Internet
Sep 30, 2017

Dining Room Furniture sales Internet, seems to be an unimaginable thing. The various companies have introduced custom furniture category and some portal has cross-border decoration, so that the industry smell the taste of the times change.

Guangzhou market, the traditional Dining Room Furniture manufacturers with their own understanding of the Internet, launched a series of changes. Since last year, the mainstream of the Guangzhou Dining Room Furniture manufacturers in the project management, customer service, the basic application of the WeChat monitoring system to change the traditional traditional sales model and management.

In addition, one after another Dining Room Furniture Internet platform to challenge the traditional furniture industry. Last year to get hundreds of millions of dollars in the design of the tiger rabbit network decoration design, decoration company recommended; marmot network also introduced new house acceptance, decoration quotes, decoration design, project supervision, recommended decoration companies and other business; The main software package, for consumers to recommend a variety of online shopping furniture package portfolio, the Internet companies began to intervene in the traditional decoration industry, launched a new round of model discussion.