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Dining Room Furniture Upgrades - Improve Experience
Jul 06, 2017

Dining Room Furniture Upgrades - Improve Experience

As early as ten years ago, into a Chinese restaurant, if the food and beverage are found long table, the vast majority of consumers will be discouraged, "long table how to eat? Eat lunch is always more atmosphere." Ten years later Today, if you are careful enough, you may find such a phenomenon, now a lot of new restaurants in the design of Dining Room Furniture began to go all the way to the long table to replace the round table gradually become the boss's habitual thinking.

Xiaobian recently found that many restaurants after the renovation of the upgrade, the hall often appears long table, and the proportion of long table seats than other table types, which shows what? New strange to win the consumer's preferences. A restaurant official said, decided to open the door in the new store is widely used in the market after the survey, not racking their brains decision. Today, after eight or five, after 90 years are keen on social, long table at the social level of the role of far more than the traditional round table, coupled with this part of the crowd is the backbone of future consumption, so catering companies are willing to do some attempts in them The And the effect of the long table can be much more than expected, many young people actually still like to sit on the long table, because they feel the experience of a long table of interactive experience stronger, even if they do not know people, eat a meal or Will leave a WeChat into a friend.

However, the long table to replace the round table, there is a reason, that is, a substantial reduction in the box. Now the country strictly prohibits public funds to eat and drink, the restaurant is almost all the people to eat, so the new store in the planning and design of the box has been significantly reduced demand, replaced by the hall scattered to four to six seats, taking into account some ten people Even more than ten people dinner needs, set the length of the table more flexible.

A well-known restaurant chain official said that the popularity of long table not only has the inevitability of progress with the times, but also has its solid theoretical basis and reference object, the most typical example is Starbucks.

A few years ago, Starbucks did not use long tables, but since last year, Starbucks used a long table more and more common, on the one hand a long table to accommodate more guests at the same time, on the other hand long table can really enhance the user Experience, since there are so good example in front of the major restaurants in the preparation of the reconstruction of the table when they can learn from their successful experience, and restaurant Dining Room Furniture Xiaobian that this trend will become increasingly clear.

Industry in the transformation of products in the transition, a restaurant of the hardware, of course, can not escape the "shape". From the "round" change "side", do not rivalry. Follow the development of the times, follow the trend of the river, you just ask a question on the road, big long table to eat, there is no Harry Potter in the magic school feel?

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