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Ergonomics Is Widely Used In The Furniture Industry
Mar 18, 2018

The demand for modern consumer furniture consumption is changing from "useful" to "use well." All furniture is ultimately used by people, and comfort will be one of the important criteria for evaluating the pros and cons of furniture, especially the furniture that people often use such as tables, seats, and bedding, and the requirements for their comfort are more stringent. Ergonomics (or ergonomics) is becoming more and more closely integrated with the furniture industry. It is through scientific large-scale experiments that furniture is made to make people feel more comfortable, sit more comfortably, and lie more comfortable. problem.

No matter whether residential furniture or office furniture is rarely used by one person, it is shared by many people. Even if it is used by one person, the size and high and low demands of the furniture are constantly changing in the age when children grow up. Different people with different heights, weight, and habits have different requirements for the same type of furniture. They are separated from specific users. Simply designing the furniture so-called engineering is like a castle in the air. Therefore, more and more furniture incorporates the mechanical adjustable function into the furniture design, so that a piece of furniture can be adjusted to meet each person's specific use requirements through reasonable adjustment, so that each user can experience the same as custom-tailored comfort. Feelings.

This kind of adjustable function design is more obvious in the furniture of the table and chair. The traditional fixed furniture will be upgraded and upgraded in the aspect of adjustable function to meet the needs of the guests in terms of work comfort. It will be the breakthrough of the furniture product. One of the important breakthroughs.