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Feng Shui Table
Feb 15, 2018

Different home Feng Shui suitable for the design of different shapes of the table, the shape of the table on the overall home feng shui is of great significance.

Rectangular dining table

In feng shui, the rectangular table focuses on the status of the head of one, is not conducive to the exchange of emotion between family members.

Square table

Square table implies a smooth, fair and steady emphasis, although dead ends, but not lethal, which is more popular square table one of the reasons.

3. Round dining table

Round table full of meaning round, a symbol of a reunion, and the United States and the United States. At the same time, the round is conducive to gathering popularity, contrasting the warm atmosphere of the meal.

Oval table

Oval table is likely to cause factional and split between family members, affecting the feelings between family members, it is usually minimal use.