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Five Key Elements Of Office Furniture Customization
Jul 17, 2017

1, whether the edge of office furniture when the slip is smooth

Modern office furniture are PVC edge of the three hydrogen peroxide board with metal steel frame structure. This requires us to use environmentally friendly sheet, the sheet of dry and wet to strictly meet the standard, or office

The edge of the furniture is likely to crack down. Guangzhou Europe into the furniture of all furniture plate is the use of German trench full automatic edge banding machine. So the edge of the furniture can reach more than five years of use

Ordered. Office furniture table corner should try to do fillet, which can make our furniture more ergonomic.

2, solid wood paste the office furniture paint to be smooth and smooth

Now the office furniture of the Daban Taiwan is the use of walnut veneer veneer and then paste the gray paint primer and skin. Such a large desk that can guarantee the logs of the wood, but also to reduce the cost of production, more

Can make office furniture into the eco-friendly industries. Which part of the paint requirements smooth, can not afford particles, no pimple, uniform color. The substrate part requires the use of environmentally friendly high density

Fiber board, so as to ensure that Daban Taiwan's grip to achieve the appropriate technical standards.

3, office furniture, customized accessories installed standards

The use of office furniture in the customization process is particularly important. Such as office furniture door lock accessories, this accessories in the office furniture is a very small accessories, but this with

Is also a test of an office furniture company produced the quality of furniture is a standard. This accessory if you use poor accessories, most likely in your use of the process to bring you

Quite a lot of trouble. There are three doors of the dark cabinet hinge, is the need to install more than three door twist to reach a solid. Some jerry-building only two doors are installed to ensure that the quality is not guaranteed, There will be a long time to fall out of the risk.

4, office sofa, office chair should personally experience whether it is comfortable

In the selection of office sofa, office chairs, it should be noted that the surface is flat, can not appear rugged. Whether the cut size is just right and can not be skewed. Hard and hard to be appropriate

Not too hard, of course, can not be soft, this need to personally experience it. There is a press by pressing whether the abnormal sound, the use of the spring is soft and hard moderate. Second, we should also pay attention to quilting

No break, jumper, corners of the density is reasonable, the angle is excessive smooth.

5, the overall color of office furniture and decoration style to harmonize with the company's corporate culture

Customized office furniture in the choice of color must be consistent with the style of decoration. Some office furniture color may be very nice, but does not meet the overall design style of color style one

Do not choose, otherwise the effect may be particularly messy, completely no original design style exists.