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Furnishings For Bedroom Furniture
Sep 01, 2018

Bedroom furniture includes bed, mattress, wardrobe, dressing table and bedside cupboard, bedding and so on. How to choose and mix these furniture reasonably is a big problem.

First of all, the location of the bed is very important, from the perspective of home geomantic omen, the bed should not be placed opposite the bedroom door, preferably on the side of the door, to ensure the privacy of bedroom space. After 80, the general tendency is to choose the bed of 1.8M*2M, and there should be certain requirements for mattress. It is recommended that beds, bedside cabinets and dresser should be of the same color.

Secondly, the bedroom is too jealous. After 80 is a generation of personality, but bedroom space after all is a place to rest, pay special attention to match. Color should not be too much in the same room. Different rooms can be coloured separately and avoid being garish.

Third, according to the size of bedroom, reasonable match furniture. Can not put large furniture in the cabin, so easy to destroy the overall shape of the house, so that the proportion of the house imbalance, so that bedroom space is not comfortable.

Finally, skillfully use soft clothing to make the bedroom feel different.

What I need to remind you is:

First, the new residential design, bedrooms are mostly balconies or closets, layout of furniture should pay attention to shorten the traffic route as far as possible, in order to strive for more effective use of the area. At the same time, do not make the traffic route too close to the bed, so as to avoid interference with the beds.

Secondly, the movable area is suitable near the window side, sofas, tables and chairs and other furniture are arranged in the movable area. This can make reading and reading a well lit and well ventilated environment.

Third, the interior furniture layout to be symmetrical, balanced, do not place large, high furniture on one side, and small, short furniture on the other side, giving people an uncomfortable feeling. A large wardrobe and mirror with a dressing mirror should not be directed against the windows, so as not to affect the image effect.

Fourth, attention should be paid to the relationship between furniture and electrical appliances. For example, the desk should be arranged nearest to the plug, otherwise the lamp wiring is too long, easy to affect the indoor beauty, electricity is not safe enough.

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