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Furniture Industry
Jan 21, 2017

According to the 2015-2020 of China's furniture industry market forecast analysis of forward strategic planning and investment analysis report, in September 2012, China furniture furniture finishes (6) was 51.271 million, compared to 2011 fell 7.5%, flat with last month's production in January-September, China's cumulative production of furniture 483.275 million, today fell 5%. October 2012 China's furniture production was 53.404 million, compared to 2011 fell 12.41%; 536.679 million January-October of our produced furniture pieces, cumulative per cent to 5.79%. In November 2012, China's furniture production was 58.171 million, compared to 2011 fell 12.9%; cumulative production of furniture in China in January-November reached 594.85 million total fell 6.54%.

in December 2012, China's production of furniture 63.8162 million, down 4.9%. According to the prospective network survey, January-December, furniture production in the country reached 654 million, down 2.38%. From the production of provincial and municipal, 2012 1 December, the furniture production in Zhejiang Province has reached 184 million, an increase of 1.39%, 28.08% of the total national production. Fujian province, followed by Guangdong Province, and Shandong provinces, accounted for, respectively, and 19.75%, and 10.41%.

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