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Home Decoration Style
Apr 18, 2018

1. Furniture

The European detail should be commensurate with the hard decoration, such as the dark red sofa, the Western retro pattern, and the very westernized design. The brown solid wood table and the table chair have fine hand carving patterns, and the big atmosphere and keynote are settled.

2, wallpaper

You can choose some distinctive wallpaper decorating rooms, such as biblical stories and characters, wallpaper is a typical European style. The North American style, floral stripes and is also very common.

3. Lamps and lanterns

The bright steel material lamps and lanterns are the great failure, and the European wind is hardly water and fire. The crystal lamps with finely broken flowers are best not. It can be some lamps that are soft in shape or light in light, such as iron lamp is not bad choice, but a little bit modeling and a little plain.


European style decorated rooms should be matched with lines that are tedious and look heavy. But does not exclude the gilt, carved even looks relatively grand appearance, on the contrary, this is precisely where the style.

5, color matching

Most of the European style colors are white and light. Furniture is white or dark, but it needs to be series, and style is unified. At the same time, some fabrics and texture are very important. Linen and canvas fabrics are not suitable for the occasion. Silk fabrics will be more noble.

6. Floor

If it's a duplex house, the floor of the first floor hall can be paved with stones, which will make the atmosphere appear. If it's a common living room, the living room and dining hall should lay the wooden floor. If the floor is partly used, the floor tile will be smaller.

7. Carpet

The main role of the European style decoration in the ground should be carpet. The comfortable foot feeling of carpet and elegant unique character and Western style furniture collocation complement each other. The best choice is to have relatively elegant patterns and colors. Too fancy ground may conflict with European classical quietness and harmony.

The function of decoration style:

The establishment of various decoration styles makes designers more easy to grasp the foothold of the design, at the same time, it also makes the customers more easy to express their needs for the desired decoration effect, and promote the communication and communication between the designer and the customer.


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