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How To Choose The Material Of Sofa Fabric
May 17, 2017

How to choose the material of sofa fabric? Sofa materials are divided into fabrics, elastic materials and frames.

At present, the market of choice of fabrics are: three canvas, chicken skin, flocking and so on. Good sofa fabric is strong and durable, and has long been rubbed without pilling. Professional manufacturers sofa fabric quality, color difference is small, high color fastness, fabrics is inclined, especially some high-grade fabrics to improve the antifouling ability, also conducted a special surface treatment, such as some fabrics with antistatic, flame retardant and other functions.

The quality of the elastic material directly affects the comfort and service life of the sofa, and the elastic material is selected for its high density, good elasticity and high pressure resistance. When shopping, in addition to attention to sit feel, but also depends on its resilience (recovery degree), generally speaking, good rebound material for optimization. There are two types of elastic materials: soft and hard, depending on your preference.

Frame material is generally the most easily overlooked part of good sofa than adult wood frame, wood structure stability such that the weight of the sofa is heavier, and some businesses in order to reduce the cost of the main parts of the wood used instead of scrap, the degree of firmness can be imagined.



Sofa is mainly a frame structure, the framework of solid, reasonable or not will directly affect the quality of the sofa. The purchase should first look at the overall structure of the framework is solid, surface should not be raised, but the frame edge should have the edge to highlight the profile of the sofa; in addition, the main connection to a sofa reinforcement device, connected by glue and screw and frame, whether it is inserted, bonding, bolt connection or pin connection, keep each connect the firm to ensure that the service life of.

Because the sofa internal filler, must fill filler to ensure comfort, no deformation; cloth should be close to, smooth and stiff joints, armrest and seat and backrest broken, if the fabric pattern is flowers, lines or squares of stitching pattern to collocation, line or box should not tilt or twist.

In order to nursing day after, there is little not the sofa seat, back sets are advised to live, to change the vulnerable parts to facilitate.

Fabric sofa quality assurance, and finally look at the price. On the premise of considering the first three factors, you can choose the price you can accept when you buy. At the same time, do not blindly follow the brand, do not rely on discounts, some businesses, the price was high, the discount rate is low, you still very uneconomical, you can choose goods more than three, the highest price of the one in your love style.


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