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How To Decorate Bedroom Furniture
Sep 01, 2018

So how do we decorate our bedroom furniture?

First, observe the structure of the room and determine the activity center.

Two, determine where the enlargement furniture is usually bed, sofa, desktop, cupboard and so on.

Three, consider connecting the family aisles, and then put furniture in order to avoid affecting the normal indoor direction.

1. For the bed itself, we should consider whether its length, width is enough, whether the bed is flat and whether it has good support and comfort. Generally speaking, bed height is slightly higher than that of the bedside's knees. Too high is difficult, but too low is always inconvenient. Keep in mind that the bed can not stick to the ground, the bed should be empty, do not pile up debris, otherwise not ventilated, easy to hide moisture, will lead to back pain.

2. No matter where the bed is located, the key is that the bedroom should be allowed to see the bedroom doors and windows from the bed, and at dawn, there will be sunlight on the bed, help to absorb the energy of nature.

3. Bedside can not rely on the door, if the bedroom to accommodate the limited space, and the bed on the side of the entrance to the door, it violates the bedroom taboo.

4. The best choice for beds is north-south orientation and geomagnetic attraction. Sleeping head-on South or north is good for your health because the aorta and great veins are most important in your blood circulation system, moving in the same direction as your head and feet. When the human body is sleeping north-south, the direction of the aorta and veins, the direction of the human body sleeping and the earth's north-south magnetic line are the same, then people are easy to fall asleep, sleep quality is also the highest, so the North-South sleeping has a certain function of disease prevention and health care. The head of the bed should not be westward, the blood often rushed overhead, sleep more unstable; if you sleep head east, there will be a sense of peace.

5. Bedside should not be empty, bedside should be against the wall, unreliable windows, if the bed is not against the wall, bedside must have a headboard, so that the head does not hang, and bedside can not be behind the toilet or kitchen.

6. Bed can not be opposite the door, so as not to be seen by outsiders, no sense of privacy and security, but also affect the rest. If encounter the door, you can use a screen to block the door, not only to block the door of the bed against each other, but also to maintain the privacy of the bedroom.

7. Do not have a cross beam press bed, so as not to cause a sense of depression, but also harmful to people's physical and mental health, this kind of situation also includes not to have a cross beam press bedroom door, split air conditioning indoor unit can not be suspended above the pillow position, bedridden directly above can not hang chandeliers, these belong to the category of cross beam press bed.

8. Bed can not mirror, because people in the middle of the night are easily frightened by the image in the mirror, restless, leading to dizziness; Secondly, when people fall asleep, the weakest energy, and mirror is a highly reflective object, easy to reflect human energy out, especially young couples, if bedroom mirror to bed Over time, it is prone to infertility. If there is a mirror in the bedroom opposite the bed, you can cover it at night or turn it to the wall. Of course, the best way is to embed the mirror in the bedroom wardrobe, open it when looking into the mirror, and close the door when not in use.

9, bedside cupboards should be high above the bed, which will help improve the wisdom of sleeper and improve the quality of sleep.

10. Pillows on both sides, can not be corner or kitchen corner, bookcase, dressing table shot, easy to cause migraine. Plants with long pointed leaves, square or rectangular furniture should not be too close to the bed.

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