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How To Locate The Market Demand For Office Furniture
Jun 13, 2017

Office furniture, low-middle and high-end market division has been very intense, in the market saturation period, the need for office furniture, how to compete in the big market, clear their own target customers, and listen to you than to cover you in detail The

No profit zone is the company's "black hole". In the black hole of nature, the light is sucked no longer come back. In the economic black hole, after the capital investment, did not repay. This strict reality we had to look at themselves from the company's position in the new shopping malls to find suitable for their own profit space. Company positioning request company based on their own expertise in the customer group selection and the distinction between the most appropriate from the company's most talent to provide services to customers. Such as: take the bid project is still the selection of wholesale shopping malls? Do solid wood products are still fire board Taiwan? Produce classical style furniture is still looking for modern fashion? In the lock after the customer collective, immediately think about the question is: In addition to the goods, the method of obtaining value is multidimensional, such as financing, supply of ancillary goods, supply of skills support, and revenue sharing, and promised operations, etc., from the point of view of the operation of the customer. Companies need to invent the "selling point". However, in all the elements of the company's operations, the goods themselves are still the most fundamental question, the two elements of office furniture needs to think, one is cut customers, the second is the commodity system. The concept of the commodity system is a revolutionary change in the scope of planning, the traditional goods are defined as the material things, they are only processed by the machine out of the items.

Today, we need to think about the meaning of goods from time to time, goods should also include services, communication and other non-material elements, goods should be from the perspective of the system to know. In the development of office furniture, if there is no systematic thinking, still use the original, way to imitate the way, will gradually away from the real needs of customers in the mall to accept the lonely. Reflecting on the foreign furniture, perhaps because of the violation of the Chinese people's customs, conditions and cultural background and suffer from the bleak or back to the unacceptable, hand skills, the burden. The system is not independent. Office furniture as a commodity, planning the need for the factory to think, not the same as the factory should have a different plan. Planners can also guide the company how to do, for a factory to plan a short-term policy, but also thinking about the next year to reach what kind of approach, together also think of a number of years should reach how the level. Consistent with the company's planned approach, office furniture needs the concept of strategic planning, the first step is to lock the policy of shopping malls, and then analyze the local customer base, to understand the local cultural background for functional planning. On the basis of the selection of appropriate information, to seek supply and demand interface, contact the factory or local technical conditions and manufacturing level constitute the commodity prototype, followed by the need for standardization, serialization and generalization of the planning aspects of the idea to invent More profit space. Not only that, but also thinking about the planning of the service, such as cutting the amount of parts and components, the time to plan to the goods, so that users can the most simple things, the shortest time and the minimum difficulty of the commodity device in place.