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If The Furniture Is Properly Moisture-proof Maintenance
Apr 14, 2018

South Spring usually more rain weather, easy to appear air humidity, moisture, moisture and other phenomena, unified international home home counsel for wood floor, sofa, wardrobe, bedside and other furniture, moisture protection is very important, so how do furniture moisture-proof?

1, wood floor PK cloudy and rainy day

Do more waxing care:

After the new wood floor is used half a month or a month after the first waxing, and then every two weeks or every other month to wax one time, the general new floor waxes 3~4 times after the basic removal of the residual moisture in the construction process, in the process of use, usually half a year or a year to fill the wax again, which can extend the wood. The service life of the floor will be prevented from being attacked by moisture in the rainy season.

Surface added moistureproof film:

It is known that there are special wood floor surface moisture-proof sale on the market. This kind of damp proof film for wood floor can be put on the surface of wood floor. It can prevent the surface of wood floor and prevent the surface of wood floor from damp. Some brands will send the moistureproof film to consumers when laying, no need. In addition to purchase. In addition, we should also pay attention not to let moisture permeate the wooden floor while washing the floor.

Unified furniture remind:

Solid wood flooring is greatly influenced by climate. When temperature and humidity change greatly, solid wood floors with poor quality and poor pavement are liable to damp. Unified Home Furnishing tip in the rainy season the floor pavement must pay attention to close all doors and windows to keep the indoor air humidity appropriate. If small area is raised, it should be dealt with promptly, so as to avoid large area arches.

What about the wooden floor?

Cause analysis: General floor arch is because the floor is wet or water.

Solution: never burn in the sun, otherwise the floor will become very unstable, and there will be cracking, deformation and paint discoloration. The right way is to take a piece of board next to the wet floor, let the moisture in it slowly disperse, or blow it down to the keel with an electric blow, an electric fan and so on, then blow the water dry, and then contact the professional staff of the floor to deal with it.

2, wood furniture PK cloudy and rainy day

The prevention is in the bud.

In the rainy season, furniture should be placed at 1 centimeters away from the wall, so as not to absorb excessive moisture in the wet season.  Especially the wardrobe, because the closet is generally closed, can not effectively ventilate, so we often open the cupboard door to make it ventilated and breathed. Unified furniture Xiaobian prompts the humid air to attack, do not want to open windows and breathe, because the south wind is the most humid air. So remember to close the windows at home, especially close the windows to the South and Southeast.

Mildew stains treatment:

If there is water droplet or mildew in furniture, it is necessary to dry the water droplet first, remove the mildew point with moderate and mild detergent, then dehumidification. If the mildew has been formed and expanded, it can be scraped out with cardboard (such as business card or waste bank card), then wiped with wet cloth, and then wipe off the mouldy parts and then dehumidification with dry cotton. Then gently put a layer of furniture wax or furniture essential oil on the mouldy part, and put a soap in a moldy place or a gauze bag filled with dried tea leaves to help eliminate the taste.

Dehumidification regularly:

Moistureproof work "Daily", moisture-proof main work is dehumidification, can be activated charcoal (cloth charcoal can also), placed in the corner of the wardrobe, furniture near, to taste the tide and environmental pollution free. Regularly remove activated carbon and charcoal and put it in the sun where it can not be directly and ventilated, so it can be used repeatedly. Unified Home Furnishing tip desiccant, desiccant is also a good choice, usually once a month of dehumidification. But if the house is near wet area, the interval and frequency of dehumidification should be increased, so as to avoid moldy furniture.

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