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Integral Structure Of Beach Chair
Jul 08, 2017

Integral structure of beach chair

Specifications: mainly divided into 4 models, namely large, medium, small, special trumpet, size from small to large, followed by 32*32*h56cm, 37*37*h62cm, 42*42*h68cm, 49*49*h75cm.

Material: fabric adopts 600D waterproof Oxford cloth.

Bracket: 1.0mm 14mm steel tube with wall thickness.

Maximum load: 120Kg


1 after contraction, small size, easy to carry.

2., the overall design according to engineering mechanics, so that the force of each point evenly.

Beach chair

3. fastener using ABS engineering plastics, more robust wear-resistant.

4., the bracket design makes full use of the triangle stability principle, so that the overall stability is not shaking.

The 5. points are leather reinforcement, more durable.

6., the fabric adopts double layer PU coating Oxford cloth, wear resistance, aging resistance, tear resistance, waterproof performance, and fully consider the characteristics of outdoor applications.

7. next to the small table board. Convenient outdoor drain cup, small objects.

Application range

Home use, fishing, outdoor travel, self driving travel, field adventures, outdoor sketching......

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