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Is It Right To Buy A Table? You Need To Consider These Factors
Jan 05, 2018

Is it right to buy a table? You need to consider these factors

The original intention of the table refers to the table for dinner. According to the material can be divided into solid wood table, wood table, marble table, marble table, marble table, dining table, dining table, jade jade jade tea table, marble table etc.

Where dining is one family reunion in most places, a more crowded space is usually in the bedroom, because there are more chairs need to be placed, but also the family and concentrated, so its size to make the restaurant become very careful in reckoning, a warm place.

Dining room is an indispensable part of the home, the dining table in the restaurant affects the quality of our life. How to choose a suitable table?  What are the points for paying attention to the dining table?

1. table size

All furniture countries have the standard size, if the size is not matched, it will cause various diseases of the shoulder and neck and the lumbar spine.  Therefore, the daily use of furniture to meet the standards, national standards for furniture furniture size: table type furniture height standard can have 700mm~760mm, the chair furniture of the height of the seat surface can be 400mm~440mm, and the provisions of the standard size of supporting the use of tables and chairs, tables and chairs height difference should be controlled in the range of 280mm~320mm, and the the standard size is what? The following will be explained to you.

I believe that everyone is unfamiliar with human engineering, and here it will be. The correct table and chair height should enable a person to maintain two basic hypophysis when sitting: one is that when the feet are flat on the ground, the thighs and the calf can be basically vertical. At this point, the front edge of the seat will not oppress the underside of the thigh. Two, when the two arms hang down naturally, the upper arm and the arm are basically vertical, when the height of the table should just touch with the lower arm, so that people can keep the correct sitting posture and writing posture. If the table and chair is not reasonable, it will directly affect the person's sitting posture, which is not conducive to the health of the users. Therefore, the national standard also stipulates that the space under the desk surface is not less than 580mm, and the width of the space is not less than 520mm, which is to ensure that both legs have enough activity space when using.

2. space area

An independent dining room: a marble table with a sense of weight can be chosen to match the space

Small size of small apartment: the table can be used as a variety of roles.  Not only need to consider whether the table can satisfy all the needs of family members, should also be to its convenience, can choose the telescopic table or a clear sense of glass surface design table.

3. decoration style

Luxury living room: the choice of classical style European style, simple and elegant French style table;

The modern room: tempered glass table table marble, minimalist fashion can choose all-match;

Pastoral bedroom: you can choose the American style pastoral natural wind table, the color and texture of marble surface natural and elegant.

Mediterranean wind room: often choose the solid wood surface of the Mediterranean style table.

4. table shape

The bar table is smooth and upright, symbolizing fairness and stability. There are more family members in the long square table, more democratic atmosphere; the two people are more applicable to the irregular desktop, it is warm and natural. And the round table looks beautiful and harmonious. 5. table material

Table on the material, the glass surface material to people in the modern sense is clear, concise, stainless steel design collocation increased durability. According to the design changes, marble table can be stable, simple and luxurious, and can be selected according to personal taste and demand.

Table reference data

The size of the four table table is

Square quadruple table: 80 long *80 wide *75 high (CM)

Rectangular quadruple table: 140 long *80 wide *75 high (CM)

Round table four people table: 90 diameter (CM)

Table size of six people have

Rectangular six people table: 140 long *80 wide *75 high (CM)

Round table six people table: 90 diameter (CM)

The size of the eight table table is

Square eight people table: 120 long *120 wide *75 high (CM)

Rectangle eight people table: 225 long *85 wide *75 high (CM)

Round table eight people table: 1300 diameter (CM)

The size of chairs

Take 42CM, 38~40CM, high depth width 42~45CM,

70~85CM from the height of the ground.

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