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Living Room Furniture Taboo
Jan 18, 2018

Living room furniture taboo

1. The living room placed furniture should not be too much

Living room to put some what furniture, according to the size of the living room may be. If the living room space is relatively small, it should not be placed on a large sofa, coffee table, dining table, bookcases, fans and audio equipment, resulting in the overall sense of pressure on the living room, which is also very unobstructed walking, accidentally also often bump Touch, to a certain extent, also affect the family's wealth.

2. Behind the living room sofa should be back

Living room sofa should be placed in the attention should be: behind the sofa should have a reliable solid wall was only safe. If the sofa is directly behind the window, channel or portal, it is easy to form a casual situation, good fortune will leak out from here, long-term sit on it, the body easily lead to a variety of minor ailments, which for the whole family have A certain impact. If the living room sofa is hard to back against the real wall, you can set up a short cabinet or screen to remedy.

3. Living room sofa should be placed in the auspicious place

Living room sofa is the center of daily family activities, if placed in the auspicious place, the whole family can contaminate its vigor. By placing the sofa in the house's financial position, the wealth of the entire family will rise as a result of long-term sitting in financial position. At the same time, the family members are in good health. If the sofa is placed in the peach blossom position, the popularity of the family can be effectively enhanced.

On the contrary, if the sofa is not placed properly, the whole family will be affected. For example, placing a sofa on a sick place can easily lead to family members' quarrels and the family's health and wealth will be greatly reduced. Therefore, if the sofa can not be placed in the financial position, but also to avoid placing in the sick place.

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