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Office Desks Feng Shui: How To Choose A Office Desks?
Oct 23, 2017

The main purpose of the Office Desks is to office, so we do not need to pursue the luxury of color and material, but also to focus on their own business and health benefits.

So, from the Office Desks feng shui, how to choose the Office Desks? Together with Xiao Bian to see it!

1, Office Desks color selection

The color is based on the life of the office and the five elements. Such as bogey people can not choose red and purple, avoid soil people can not choose yellow, brown, brown and brown and so on. Physical organs uncomfortable, such as regular drinkers do it to do the work of wood to make up the liver, kidney is not good choice of water color, the heart is not good choice of fire color, poor choice of stomach is the color of the soil Poor choice of lungs is the color of gold.

2, the style of the Office Desks

You can choose to help their feng shui Office Desks style, such as close to their own three straight lines of the Office Desks, the outermost piece that turned into a semi-circular; the whole was round, this Office Desks opposite do not have colleagues, or will give colleagues Not bad luck

3, the shape of the Office Desks

The shape and texture of the Office Desks will have a profound impact on the office work. Under normal circumstances, the large Office Desks reflects the power and status of the user, the use of very happy, and the small table will be a sense of restraint and pressure The In the shape, the home office oval table is better than the rectangular, is conducive to long hours of work, and to avoid the bumps of the situation. Office tables, such as short-term work is appropriate to use glass table, can help stimulate the work quickly completed, and if you need a long Office Desks work, it is appropriate to use wooden tables.