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Office Furniture Color Should Be How To Match
Jun 26, 2017

Choose a good office furniture style, it is also very important with the color, you know, the color also has its own character and style, so that different colors of color "you help me, I help you", we can change the office boring Atmosphere, with colorful abundance.

Warm color of the office furniture gives a warm, lively, warm feeling, but also make the items feel larger, smaller sense of space, it is not suitable for a smaller sense of space, furniture, layout of the compact space.

Cool colors give people a cool, elegant, solemn feeling, will appear smaller items, a sense of space is more spacious, cool colors apply to a smaller space.

Neutral tones to people with a serious, rational feeling, can be with any color match, available surface is very wide.

Here are a few more widely used office furniture colors:

Modern office furniture has about 5 colors: black, gray, brown, dark red and blue. Often, different types of gray are used for desks; black and brown are used for chair chairs and meeting rooms for tables and chairs; blue and dark red for office chairs. Because the blue is elegant, without a trace; red as solemn, no lack of lively; black, brown has always been a sense of dignity, with them decorated room, will prompt you to focus on thinking.

In the office, every color has its own language, it will convey to your colleagues and customers a certain psychological message.

For example, black gives loneliness, but also has a noble and solemn; brown people feel old-fashioned, but different concentrations of brown not only did not have old dull, but also produce a bit elegant; red powder is too publicity, If the quiet and cool colors, can show the young and lively; the white soil over the prime of the net, if the warm and warm hand, it is easy to reveal their own elegant.

Light purple with the sky to give people a sense of tranquility; magenta with Po Lan people feel crisp; sauce with purple on the white is elegant; pink with the white to convey the youthful atmosphere; dark brown with yellow can make you look more mature; light gray with ink black Solemn; Zhu Hong with black to attract each other's line of sight; dark green with the most natural; blue with light blue is feeling pragmatic; as bright yellow with black, you can give people the beauty of jumping.