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Public Health Safety Publicity Activities For Public Tableware In Hefei
Nov 23, 2017

Public health safety publicity activities for public tableware in Hefei

The municipal health and Family Planning Commission will further increase the supervision and sampling of the centralized disinfection service units in the city, so that the people in Hefei can use the "assured bowl"".

In recent years, the Hefei Municipal Planning Commission created by the national food safety demonstration city of opportunity, strengthen the supervision and support industry associations to guide the industry management, the production level is low, the smaller enterprise integration of the upgrade, expand the scale and enhance strength, improve the production environment and sanitation facilities, ensure food safety standard.

Supervision of the municipal health and Family Planning Commission will further increase the city focus on tableware disinfection service units and sampling efforts by the county (city, district) health administrative departments responsible for the daily supervision within the jurisdiction of holding the business license of the tableware Centralized Disinfection service units, the annual supervision frequency not less than two times, sampling is not less than two time. The test results do not meet the requirements of such acts will be punished in accordance with the "food safety law", the establishment of normal regulatory mechanisms, to achieve full supervision as the main starting point to strengthen the supervision of Centralized Disinfection of tableware, the tableware centralized disinfection work has been standardized, increasing the degree of social recognition, let Hefei people with "assured bowl".

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