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Solid Wood Dining Room Furniture How To Spend A Dry Winter
Jul 17, 2017

Winter has been to the indoor temperature and humidity changes will give solid wood Dining Room Furniture to bring some damage to the daily necessities of solid wood Dining Room Furniture should keep up.

To prevent cracking, moisture is not excessive

Solid wood is susceptible to environmental humidity, and there is a change in wetting and shrinkage. Winter indoor air is relatively dry, likely to cause difficult to repair the crack phenomenon. Shenzhen catering furniture Weapon, you can use a humidifier, put a pot of water or some green planted in the room to improve the indoor humidity, an effective solution to the situation of solid wood furniture cracking. But at the same time, indoor over-humidification is not good, may cause solid wood furniture dry humidity changes in a short time, causing cracking. To avoid excessive humidification, solid wood furniture should be away from the humidifier, moisturizing to moderate and reasonable, remember too much. But also to prevent high temperature baking, solid wood furniture to be away from the heater and other winter heating heat, or easy to make wood loss of water, the occurrence of local dry, deformation and other conditions.

Water and oil balance, waxing Mo lazy

Like the skin can not lack of water, lack of oil, solid wood furniture can not rely solely on maintaining the appropriate indoor air humidity to maintain, but also by regular waxing way to lock the wood in the water, effectively prevent the furniture dry deformation, Replay glory, beautiful as new But at the same time you have to remember, do not frequent waxing. Each quarter for the solid wood Dining Room Furniture waxing once, both play a protective role, and not because of excessive wax damage furniture coating appearance.