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Teach You How To Buy Dining Room Furniture
Jun 01, 2017

Everyone has a different understanding of the restaurant, how can we use the limited funds to decorate the most perfect restaurant? In the restaurant decoration, many customers are concerned about the cost of renovation. So before the decoration, we must plan well, only good planning to reduce the cost. In this, Han Feng specially for you to integrate the current restaurant market information, so you dressed up the most beautiful restaurant, teach you how to buy Dining Room Furniture.

First, verify the solid wood

Judge whether it is a mystery of solid wood Dining Room Furniture is: wood and knots. See the scar is also a good way to identify solid wood: optimistic about the location of a scar on the side, and then find the other side of the corresponding pattern.

Second, to determine the species

This is a direct impact on price and quality factors. Ordinary solid wood Dining Room Furniture is usually used beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak, and expensive mahogany furniture mainly rosewood, chicken wing wood, rosewood. Solid wood Dining Room Furniture market is chaotic, often appear shoddy, confuse the tree species of things, it is best to buy brand-name products, at the same time to note that the price of wood is now rising, too cheap is absolutely fraud.

Third, observe the wood

Observe whether the wood is dry, white, texture is close, delicate. If you have to join the particleboard, MDF and a molding plate and other materials produced by the furniture, smell to see if there is irritating smell.

Four, looking for defects

The main force of the Dining Room Furniture parts such as table legs, connecting the bar, should not have large knots or cracks. Solid structure, the framework shall not be loose, do not allow broken tenon, broken material. Furniture used on the components of wood-based panels should be applied to the edge of the treatment, a variety of accessories not less pieces, missing nails, through nails.

Fifth, test strength

Board strength can be pressed with your fingers to feel the firmness of the board. One side of the material should be well-shaped skeleton to be fixed, if the skeleton sparse, a surface will feel empty is not real, the panel quiver great; drawer bottom plate should be used to press the press, to test the strength of the general multi-layer board, large area The partition plate should be made of five layers.

Six, safety performance

Dining Room Furniture parts (such as legs and legs, stents, etc.) must have sufficient support. You can light the corner of the furniture or sitting on the side, try furniture is solid.

Seven, check the interface

The heavier Dining Room Furniture should be screwed with a protective block at the corner and stick well. As for the back plate parts, you must also check whether the set is good, and a good screw.

Eight, touch the surface

The hand on the surface of the Dining Room Furniture, carefully check the polished surface is smooth, especially to see the feet and other parts of the rough, paint brush whether there are streaks, corner of the paint is painted too thick, whether cracks or bubbles. Panel with veneer and other materials cladding, and complete sets of products should be similar to the color, the product surface film does not allow wrinkles, sticky and leak paint.

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