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Ten Taboos Of Dining Table Geomantic
Apr 24, 2018

Good home feng shui, home flourishing people flourishing, restaurant Feng Shui is an important item, dining room layout in the dining room is the center of gravity, and table wind water will be different according to the size of the table, layout position, color collocation and so on. Do you know that there are taboos and taboos in the table? Here are ten taboos for Xiaomi.

Ten taboos of table Feng Shui:

1, avoid the main road into the table. Dining table is the place where the whole family dine. Only when there is a peaceful and comfortable environment, can we enjoy every meal leisurely. If you connect directly to the main street, it will damage the geomantic omen. If there are many passages in the restaurant, it's like being in a whirlpool, making people fidget and having a sense of crisis. This environment should be improved as much as possible.

2, the table is not facing the kitchen door. The kitchen fume is discharged and the temperature is higher. The dining table is opposite to the kitchen, which is bad for the family's health. It will make people's grumpy for a long time. If it can't be avoided, it should be covered with curtain, or the kitchen door is always closed.

3. Don't face the door to the table. When the table goes, the place where the family eats and needs to be placed in a quiet environment ensures a comfortable environment at table. If there is no way to change the layout of the gate, we can use the screen of what screen to hide.

4, not in the fierce side numerology. Restaurants do not have a closed layout and show their reunion. In the dining place, do not choose to sit in their own numerology fierce side, otherwise it is not conducive to good health.

5, the table can not face the door to the toilet. Toilet is considered to be unclean in geomantic omen, and the more concealed toilet is, the better. The relative of the toilet and the table will affect the appetite. If not removed, can be placed in the middle of bamboo or iron pot.

6, the table should not be placed in the home of the home. The disadvantage is the disharmony between the five elements of the household.

7, the table is not too big. When the table is placed, pay attention to the proportion of table to restaurant.

8, the color of the wind. The color of dining table should be coordinated with the layout of the whole house, and also the function of regulating appetite. For color use, you can use some energetic colors or warm colors to increase your dining feeling and atmosphere.

9. The shape of the table. Our dining tables usually use square or round dining tables, some of which are oval shaped. In order to highlight the harmony and reunion of meals, the round or oval ones can be used.

10. The material of the table. There are many kinds of table materials, such as wood, glass, metal, marble, etc., generally, round marble or square wooden tables can be used.

These taboos and taboos will affect the appetite and health of our daily life to a certain extent. Therefore, we must pay attention to these details in the layout and selection of the dining room.

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