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The Application Of New Materials Will Profoundly Transform The Furniture Industry
Mar 18, 2018

Looking at the development of the furniture industry, every huge leap in the furniture industry is inextricably linked to the use of new materials and processes. During the long millennia, woody, bamboo, and other easily processed plant materials have become the main materials for making furniture. Traditional furniture for the past millennium has mostly been wood furniture. In modern times, steel and alloy materials have entered the furniture industry. The furniture began to appear, and there were many changes in the function, shape and appearance of the furniture. The rapid use of macromolecules represented by PE, PVC, and ABS promoted the rapid iteration of the furniture industry and brought about profound changes in four aspects. .

The first is the emergence of a large number of new hybrid materials. The polymer material can be used alone in furniture or it can be polymerized with other powdered materials to form a new material. For example, wood powder, rice hulls, and straw are combined to create a wood-plastic material; in combination with stone powder, it is born. Stone plastic materials: Combined with fly ash, carbon gold materials and so on were born. These various new materials have a variety of different physical properties and are used in furniture manufacturing, especially in the manufacturing of special furniture used in special environments.

The second is the transformation of furniture materials from the consumption of natural resources to green and recyclable. Many modified new materials with high polymer materials have recyclable properties. Once the furniture is no longer used, it can be broken into powder and re-pressed into plates to make new furniture.

The third is to solve the problem of formaldehyde that has plagued the furniture industry for a hundred years, making it possible to have healthy zero formaldehyde. Furniture transition from solid wood furniture to modern furniture with density board, density board made of resin adhesive binding wood chips, resin adhesives inevitably contain formaldehyde, the formaldehyde produced by the density plate furniture and decoration materials distributed in the homes of residents It poses a great threat to human health and has become a lingering nightmare for the modern furniture industry. The new sheet made of polymer materials combined with sawdust and other powders, because the polymer material does not contain formaldehyde, so these new material plates and furniture made of almost no formaldehyde release to ensure that people's health.

The fourth is to change the standard of judging the quality of furniture from material value to use value. In the era of wood furniture and furniture industry, the function of furniture is the same. In addition to work, the standard for judging the quality of furniture is the preciousness of wood materials. Furniture made of valuable wood such as red sandalwood, huanghuali, mahogany and beech wood is not only Has a practical function, but also has been given a value-added function. With the entry of new materials into the furniture production field, furniture has more shapes and more functions, and there is a clear difference in the comfort of use. The standard for purchasing furniture after the 90s and 00s has been the main force for furniture consumption. From the use of precious materials to the transformation of comfort and beauty.

Furniture companies should pay attention to the use of new materials in products, and focus their R&D focus on creativity, style, appearance, function, and comfort of use. They will have more room for development.