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The Restaurant Tableware Disinfection Serious Meal Shall Supervise The Safety Kept Hidden
Nov 22, 2017

The restaurant tableware disinfection serious meal shall supervise the safety kept hidden

When we go out to dinner, what we care most about is whether the food is safe or not. Are we concerned about tableware? Many restaurants are equipped with tableware disinfection cabinets, consumers see these disinfection cabinets will be more reassuring. However, these disinfection cabinets have played its role?

Recently, people, visited a number of restaurants on the market, found a serious food safety problem, disinfection cabinet restaurant as decoration.  Although the disinfection cabinet has been bought, it has not been used properly and correctly. The phenomenon is very serious. People have asked why the store Fukang privately bought disinfection cabinet not? Stores gives a helpless response, said customers use the tableware disinfection is not frequent, but also to be used to disinfect. This reason does not seem to be the reason why tableware is not disinfected, and there are many disinfection cabinets in the restaurant connected to the power supply, but there is no switch, causing consumers to think tableware has been disinfected illusion.

If the tableware is unsafe, how can the food be safe? Such a serious phenomenon should be paid attention to, and hope that the relevant departments can improve supervision. We all know that the restaurant offers dishes are Disease enters by the mouth., not a one-time, many guests coming and going every day, in the consumer crowd, everyone is carrying infectious virus, can not be guaranteed. If the tableware can not be disinfected in time, some viruses will spread through the tableware in the consumer group. This is a very worrying issue, there is a big risk of consumer health, serious harm is unimaginable.

In the whole restaurant management link, from the safety and health point of view, tableware disinfection can be described as a very important part. Even though all aspects of food cooking and processing are very safe, it is useless if the tableware is unsafe. Therefore, this ring should not be underestimated, the restaurant managers should attach great importance to this problem. They are an important person responsible for ensuring the safety of tableware, first of all, they should pay attention to this problem consciously, and the safety of tableware can be effectively improved.

Food safety law also gives clear provisions on the use of tableware, cleaning, disinfection, cleaning is a necessary step, which is the operators must fulfill their obligations, but also their responsibility should be done. At present, there is no disinfection problem, but also the regulatory authorities failed to pay attention to this link, should pay attention to, put forward the punishment system. Improve the supervision mechanism of tableware disinfection, strengthen inspections, supervision.

To solve this problem, operators should strengthen their sense of responsibility, and consumers should strengthen their awareness of safeguarding rights. Many people will protect their rights when they see unclean food, but they are indifferent to the disinfection cabinet which is not opened, which is not right. Let the restaurant open disinfection cabinet, tableware disinfection is the right of consumers, even in the discovery can be reported directly, the restaurant is also to bear the corresponding responsibility.

The people here reminded consumers, friends, now the public consumption level improved, dining out is very common. Many people almost do not fire at home, for food safety in restaurants, tableware safety must be highly valued. We should learn to safeguard their rights and interests, and ensure their own meal safety index. People think that the regulatory authorities for the supervision of Fukang restaurants need real-time diagnosis, now a lot of security issues in enabling all-weather supervision. Disinfection of tableware is also necessary in real time, which is an important guarantee for tamping tableware safety.

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