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The Skills To Buy Office Furniture
Jun 01, 2017

Office furniture is for daily life and social activities for office workers or work with the equipment and equipment. Since the reform and opening up, China's furniture industry has made an unprecedented development, as the furniture industry branch, the Chinese office furniture industry with the continuous upgrading of production technology, increasing varieties, specialized production gradually formed and management level of continuous improvement, also To achieve rapid development.

Office furniture selection is very important, not just know the size of office furniture factory size also need to consider from their own trade-offs. Office furniture through years of sales of office furniture from the buyers who understand the real needs of consumer demand for office furniture, as recommended to the following consumers to buy office furniture skills.

First: the purchase should be measured before the size of their office size and size, and then according to the company culture, mode of operation and business needs, the idea of indoor layout, feng shui pattern. So that the size of the furniture and office area, a high degree of consistency, to avoid the office furniture after the deployment failed to meet the demand.

Second: the requirements of high quality genuine, solid and reliable. If pure wood furniture, pay attention to its water content can not exceed 12%, it is best to buy mortise structure rather than nail guns. Office furniture must be Founder, the diagonal must be consistent, landing to be smooth, hardware components should be strong, and doors and drawers should be flexible. Leather office furniture surface must be flat, no bubbles, no cracks, patchwork strict and so on.

Third: office furniture is not consumables, in the purchase should adhere to the "rather lack of abuse" principle. Can not be filled with office office, according to the use of the demand to buy, and office furniture placed in the area should not generally exceed 50% of the indoor area is better. Style, style and color should be uniform and very with, but in the details of the changes. Office furniture selection to have attention to "color and taste", with the company's culture and business with the nature.

Fourth: longing for change is the modern people's consumption psychology, and the layout of the office and office furniture purchase is also true An office decoration is so beautiful, luxurious, but with the passage of time, this freshness and beauty will be weakened. So the office furniture can not be placed too full, to adjust the location of the furniture to leave room, it is recommended to adjust the activities of the office furniture to adjust the future to adjust the space.

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