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We Tell You How To Enhance The Family Fortune, The Layout Of The Restaurant Is Very Important!
Nov 24, 2017

We tell you how to enhance the family fortune, the layout of the restaurant is very important!

A restaurant is a place to share food, a place to share fun and happiness, and dining together is an important part of improving your relationships. The theme color of the restaurant is very important, even the small restaurant, like the need to take care of. To create a beautiful and happy restaurant atmosphere, will make the family more unity and harmony, but also make the whole family fortunes booming!

Restaurant furniture

The table is beam coping, the table also taboo beam coping, like a sharp knife rack on the top of the head, causing an invisible pressure on people's psychology, can cause restless home for many, many years to come, mouth damage, adverse family health. In addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui room, the restaurant itself the best direction is located in the south, thus, under adequate sunlight, which will be thriving, if the restaurant is arranged in the refrigerator, the refrigerator is best not to the north, south.

Two, restaurant decoration

Restaurant lighting should be round a lot of people will love in a restaurant with chandeliers as a decoration, but some a few Candle Chandelier Lamp shape, although the design is novel, has ornamental value, but if you hang it in the table above, easy to cause unease, let the poor diet, health effects.  According to the room feng shui master pointing, the best living room lamps should be circular, so that there is a happy reunion of italy.

Three. Plant selection

Healthy plants, regardless of the size of the space, the restaurant should be placed in a pot plant, good visual cues will determine our food quality and health, in the room feng shui, which also determines the situation of the family fortune. For smaller space, can choose Chlorophytum, it has moisture adsorption of harmful gases and the role of the restaurant. Other suitable plants placed there: Begonia, Impatiens, green, geranium etc..

Four, pattern

In terms of Feng Shui in the room, restaurants and other rooms, the pattern must be founder, there is no corner or protruding corner. The rectangular or square pattern is the best, and the easiest to design and decorate.

Five, position

The dining room should be located between the living room and the kitchen, located in the center of the house, so that the layout can enhance the harmonious relationship between parents and children. The restaurant should not be located directly below the upper floor of the toilet, which is very important in the adjustment of the room feng shui! The toilet is to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices is a restaurant, dining, toilet is located above the restaurant, the restaurant will be suppressed.

Six, decoration

The energy part of the family comes from eating food. Because restaurants are eating areas, it's very important to have a family's wealth. Restaurant should use bright color decoration and bright lighting, create auspicious room feng shui at the same time, but also to increase the fire line energy, accumulate Yang qi. Planting plants here can enhance Yang Qi and wealth.

Hunger breeds discontentment, only eat comfortable, everything can go.


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