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What Is The Classification Of Dining Room Furniture?
Jul 17, 2017

Dining Room Furniture mainly includes the following categories: dining table, dining chair, deck, sofa, bar stool, bar table, turntable, dining cabinet, wine cabinet, shellfish chair, garbage cabinet and so on.

Dining Room Furniture according to industry classification can be divided into: Chinese Dining Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, coffee shop furniture, tea furniture, fast food furniture, restaurants and other dining tables and chairs.

The restaurant is where people eat, and we should pay special attention when decorating them. Dining Room Furniture from the style of color texture and other aspects to be particularly careful choice. Because the comfort of the dining room furniture has a lot to do with our appetite.

1. Dining Room Furniture style: the most commonly used square table or round table, in recent years, long round table is also more popular. Dining chair structure is simple, it is best to use the folding type. I suggest you especially in the case of smaller restaurant space, folding from the unused dinette, can effectively save space. Otherwise, too large table will make the restaurant room is crowded. So, some folding tables are more popular. The shape and color of the chair are in harmony with the dining table and are in keeping with the restaurant style.

2. Dining Room Furniture should pay attention to style processing.

Metal stamping with artificial leather or textile steel furniture, elegant lines, with a sense of the times, highlighting the performance of texture contrast effect; high-grade dark hard package inlaid furniture, it seems the style of the furniture, Elegant, deep atmosphere, rich and rich oriental atmosphere. Beijing and Jun letter US furniture suggest that you in the Dining Room Furniture arrangements, avoid patchwork, so as not to make people look messy and not a system.

3. Should also be accompanied by a restaurant, that is, to store some of the tableware, supplies (such as glass, cover, etc.), wine, beverages, napkins and other dining accessories. You can also consider setting up temporary storage of food utensils such as (rice cookers, beverage cans, etc.).