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What Is The Use Of New Standards For Furniture Quality Inspection Indicators?
Apr 18, 2018

The target of the furniture quality inspection report is too professional to understand? The sofa that has been tested by some indicators is collapsing in a few years? Goods than three furniture, do not know what standard to compare? Online shopping furniture "goods not board" a lot of hidden dangers? The industry people think that at present, the standard of furniture industry is mostly set up to standardize the manufacturers, consumer needs It is expected to become a new trend in the furniture market, which is a new trend in the furniture market.

Ms. Li, who lives in the Tianhe River, is troubled by the purchase of furniture: "all said goods are more than three, but as an 'outsider', they only want to get the most cost-effective and happy furniture, but they find that only material, price, appearance, and no standards can be referred to." And online shopping furniture is full of "trap", the industry told reporters that the online purchase of furniture, although there is a certain price preferences, but consumers can not see the physical, often "goods do not board", the quality of furniture is uneven, and after the purchase, the rights are more troublesome.

According to the industry, although there are many standards and indicators in the furniture industry, it is very professional and difficult to understand. Secondly, most of these standards are designed to standardize the manufacturers, and are not set by the needs of consumers. "Industry upgrading needs new standards." Recently, there is a "new standard" for the furniture industry by testing institutions and e-commerce platforms - through the global inspection, identification, testing and certification bodies SGS, and then according to the most important quality indicators that consumers know about the big data on the e-commerce platform, and make research on all kinds of advanced standards at home and abroad.

According to large data analysis, among the top 50 problems that consumers pay attention to furniture, 91% quality problems are durability, environmental protection and material. At the same time, this standard mainly focuses on the main residential furniture categories such as sofa, several categories, cabinets, beds and children's furniture, and analyzes the possible risks according to the specificity of each type of product. The relevant personnel involved in the e-commerce platform said: "the results of the test will be translated by the experts of the authority according to the actual usage scene of the consumer, which can be converted into the language that the consumer can understand, such as the sofa 'can bear 230 Jin of weight, and sit for 10 years."

Insiders say that the implementation of this standard will bring about transformation and upgrading of online shopping furniture industry.

For furniture enterprises, if they have such a standard, they will produce products that conform to the standard of online shopping furniture if they want to sell better. Industry analyst Liang Zhenpeng believes that the new standard is the standard produced by the market, and it is likely to have a positive impact on the furniture industry: "today, on line, consumers can't see furniture on the spot, can't smell the smell, and buy some risks, but with this standard, consumers have a reference." According to it. " He believes that, especially when some consumers want to buy high-end furniture, it has a basis for judging whether furniture is worth buying.

However, Liang Zhenpeng thinks, according to his understanding, most of the furniture is still sold through the entity store, how much the impact is still difficult to say: "the main impact of this standard is on the e-commerce platform."

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How to identify:

Look at the consistency of standard and consumer demand

Liu Jianhua, deputy general manager of home decoration, thinks that the standard used by the national or industry association is standard, which is mainly to standardize the manufacturer, and the new standard is closer to the consumer's demand and directly faces the consumer: "the impact of the standard on the furniture industry is very big and should be treated dialectically." It's not a big shock but a good standard. It's about the nature of standards and the degree of fit for consumers' needs. He believes that in the current market, the traditional business production, consumer passive acceptance is not the best model, should be changed to understand consumer needs, and then businesses to produce.

Liu Jianhua believes that at present the furniture industry standards are basically relatively comprehensive, but with the development of the market and the rise of new plates, some standards still remain to be improved: "these standards have a role for the producers and also to the consumers, but the standards established before are required for factory production and sales, and consumers are required." It is not known that these criteria can not be used to measure whether products are worth buying. If consumers are clear about standards, then standards will play a more important role for consumers.

SGS Zhang Xiaosong, director of China light industry, toys and infant products service, believes that implementation of standards also promotes innovation and production process. If the general phenolic resin or urea formaldehyde adhesive is used or the formaldehyde is controlled very low, the strength of the plate may not meet the requirements. To achieve low formaldehyde emission and ensure the strength of plates, it is a challenge for production enterprises, more cost control and technological innovation. He reminded the furniture manufacturers: "from the SGS test experience, the release of formaldehyde in some products is really controlled at a very low level, but the release of the total harmful volatile organic compounds needs to be strengthened."


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