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What Kind Of Wood Is Better For Home Customization?
Apr 14, 2018

Wood home used by solid wood, black walnut, red cherry, red oak, white walnut, maple, birch wood and other wood. High end of the cabinet of wood used in Brazil pear wood, American red cherry, American red oak and other high-grade wood, fine material, stable material, is the manufacture of high-end real wood home door plate The first choice of materials is how to choose suitable wood. What are the characteristics of these timber?

First, American birch

The density is small; the brown hole is fine and shallow, only the closed paint is made; the texture is not obvious, the water color is suitable for the light color, suitable for the bottom repair; the substrate color difference is small; the stability is good, it is not easy to deform. In the market, many businessmen call the South American cherry wood, it is one of the better door plate materials, suitable to be the cupboard door board, the wardrobe door board and so on.

Two. American white wax

In the density, the brown hole is thicker and deeper, suitable for the open paint; the texture is obvious, suitable for the white antique and gold cleaning products; the substrate color difference is small, can replace the oak as the clear water light color product; the stability is good, and it is not easy to deform.

Three, American Red Oak

The density is larger, the brown hole is more thick, suitable for the open paint, the texture is obvious, the mountain pattern and the oblique texture are more, it is suitable to be the clean water bottom cleaning product; it is not suitable for the light color product of clean water; the American red oak is hard, easy to shape and engraving, and it is a good choice for home door, wardrobe door board, wall board and real wood door. It is also suitable for making retro style. Oak has better waterproof performance. It is commonly seen as beer barrel in foreign countries. In the domestic market, it is also a solid wood household brand, and a main material for customization.

Four. American Red Cherry

In the density, the brown hole is fine and shallow, can only be made of closed paint and can be used to wipe the color; the texture is more obvious, the color of the base material can make dark color; the base material color difference is small; the stability is good, the American red oak is fine, the texture is straight and uniform, and can be sculpted. It is the first choice material for the high-grade furniture.

Five, Brazil flower pear tree

The hardness is very high and the color is pleasing to the eye. Unlike the South East Asian pear tree, Brazil pear has less texture and fine texture. It is a high-grade and expensive wood. As the output of the pear pear in Southeast Asia is less and less, the Brazil pear is becoming more and more popular, its market price is also increasing year by year, becoming the new favorite of the value preserving and value-added household materials.

Solid wood customization is more and more admired and loved by high-end consumer groups, and can be customized to cover solid wood cupboards, solid wood wardrobes, solid wood and caps to solid wood bookcases, solid wood wine cabinets, solid wood wall panels, solid wood wine cellars and other full house furniture products. Consumers can choose corresponding wood according to their own good and consumption ability. To customize and enjoy the natural and real enjoyment of solid wood.


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