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Xi'an Famous European Style Furniture Store, Handmade Skills
Nov 25, 2017

Xi'an famous European style furniture store, handmade skills

Xi'an's famous European style furniture store, manual craft library legend home living museum, and has a high quality management elite, careful and enthusiastic delivery team, scientific logistics deployment, to ensure product delivery timely and effective, meet customer needs. The dirt on the plastic board can be removed by beer, and then wipe with cloth with water, it can always keep bright as new. If there is a small scratch board, and the board can use similar color crayons to scratch complementary colors, also can play on colorless wax. Plastic laminates have edge treatment to prevent moisture infiltration, protect the life of furniture. Once found off the phenomenon, can quickly to the iron pad of soft cloth on the back and forth heating, make restitution.

Xi'an European style furniture, plastic plate furniture drawer mostly slide type, usually as long as the candle in the pulley on a layer of wax, in order to maintain smooth sliding. To clean up at ordinary times, to the usual use of home cleaning agent can be wiped, only Yi should pay attention to is not to use volatile oil agent smearing. Metallic glass, although many metal components of furniture are made of stainless steel, do not wipe it with water, because some minerals in the water react with metal easily and cause corrosion. In addition, a sheet of glass to prevent scratches, so placed on things Zui with a soft cloth or foam pad and. But it is not immutable, in fact, there is not a specific standard to accurately divide, but we are familiar with the product, the nature will give the product fixed wei. For example, the sofa grade Wei, below 2000 yuan for medium and low grade, 2000~5000 belong to mid-range, 5000~10000 is medium grade, more than 10000 yuan for high-end. Beds below 1000 yuan for medium and low grade, 1000~4000 yuan for mid-range, 4000 to 10000 for medium and high grade, more than 10 thousand for high-grade. Product origin Division: can be divided into imported furniture and domestic furniture, that is, international brands and domestic brands, international brands in Shanghai, Guangdong more

Famous European furniture do not put hot food or water directly on the wood on the table, in the table between the food pad a good quality soft plastic plate. Air conditioning room should be placed a few pots of flowers or fish tank, can maintain indoor humidity, avoid furniture moisture absorbed. Put a layer of soft film on the furniture, vertical direction gently handle, so as not to destroy the paint film, if the paint film slip damage, timely find professional repair. Furniture should be nailed to the foot pad, to avoid damage when moving back and forth; do not drag and drop when moving, to avoid damage caused by uneven furniture. According to the materials used in furniture will be divided into: Jade furniture, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, upholstered furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo furniture, metal furniture, steel wood furniture, and other materials such as glass, marble, ceramic, inorganic minerals, fiber fabric, resin etc.. According to the functional furniture is divided into: office furniture, outdoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, study furniture, children's furniture, restaurant furniture, bathroom furniture, kitchen and toilet furniture (equipment) and auxiliary furniture and so on. Furniture according to the structure classification: integrated furniture, disassembly and assembly furniture, folding furniture, composite furniture, wall furniture, hanging furniture.

Taboos in the use of European style furniture. Windowsill as a bed, due to the living environment problems, many residential windows will be used as a bed. This can best use, increase bed width. Although these methods can make full use of the window area, but when sleep accidentally, it will break the glass or casualties caused by the tragedy. Especially children's beds should not be too close to the windowsill, because they are curious, often attracted by things outside the window, and looking out of the window or climbing out of the window frame, it will lead to dangerous accidents.


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